Baby Monthly Growth photos, The Easy Way

I bet you've seen them, the baby growth photos. But, I have to share a super easy twist. These photos always perk my friends' and family's interest every month on Facebook, so I'll reveal the magic.

He's adorable, isn't he ;)

My Facebook peeps love the text at the bottom. 
I shield them from the real stories. I really had, at 2 months, he has peed in my face as least once a week and month 3: by far the poopiest month - hands down. That's another perk of using a blank "canvas," the text changes when you add it later. Because, one day Brandon will get this beautiful baby growth photo book and on the last few pages - the real stories behind these photos. One day... I will have time to make these into a photo book.

Well, the truth is, he is a baby and like most babies', photos are taken on his/her schedule. He isn't going to stand for much posing. So I take a bunch of photos when he seems his best mood, easy is the only way we play this game.

The trick:
He is actually lying on a form poster board I painted with chalk paint. It's the blank sign idea I wrote about in this post for school photos signs.

  1. Blank foam board - 2'x3' or 8x10 or really whatever size you prefer 
  2. ...LATER.... Computer using Picasa or to add text (when you have time)
    Font in this photo:
     Eraser Dust available on PicMonkey or free download

Picasa is free software you download and PicMonkey is free online software (no download required)
read more about PicMonkey here (I'm not an affiliate, just a big fan!)

1) Lay baby on blank foam board or place a blank foam board next to baby
2) Take as many photos as possible before enough is enough. 
3) LATER, and I mean LATER (days, months, years ...and if you manage hours or minutes, great job!) - use the computer to add text.

Every month passes by quick so don't over think it.

Thanks for visiting!

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