Super Easy School Sign

I have to share my secret to easy and great-looking school/milestone pictures.
If you are like me, I have great intentions and a fleeting memory. Everything seems to be last minute (despite my best efforts).

And it's not too late to get a couple great school pictures! Get the backpack, lunch boxes or whatever they bring to school and don't forget to grab these supplies (it's really just one thing).

Supplies List/ Steps:

1. White Foam Board - 8x10 or whatever size you prefer
2. ...LATER.... Computer using Picasa or to add text (when you have time)

Picasa is free software you download and PicMonkey is free online software (no download required)
read more about PicMonkey here (I'm not an affiliate just a big fan!)

So What's the Story...
The first day of Kindergarten approaches, I search Pinterest for first day of school ideas and find some great free printables. Pin it, swear I'll go to work and print them out. Then, I blink my eyes and it's the morning of Kindergarten.  We are scrambling. Breakfast. Pack lunches & a snack. Draw a note for the lunchbox (the way my mom used to). Get dressed. ...and, remember I did NOT print the sign!!! There is absolutely no time to find it now. I go to my craft stash and on top of a pile is a perfect 8x10 white foam board that came in the mail as an insert to protect a 8x10 photo. The board would have been trash, but I kept it. Thinking, this would be good for something (my husband thinks I'm a hoarder - I kind of am). Hey, my stash saves me on occasion. Like this...

  • Add text or whatever on the computer later, when you can actually think!
  • Change the sign many different ways
  • The kiddos all hold the same sign - it doesn't matter, it's blank
  • Bonus: the sign doesn't have to be held any particular way!!

Addition {fancy} Ideas:
Use a colored blank foam board
Use a chalk board with no writing (there's a great chalk font on PicMonkey called Eraser Dust, see the photo title) 
Bling out or add a border to the blank board

I also use this idea for the last day of school and my baby's monthly growth photos (every month up to one year - see this post).

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