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Designing your craft room makes a huge difference! You're worth it! I hodge-podged pieces as inexpensively as possible because I thought I shouldn't waste money but you know what it was worth every penny.  I'm so happy and inspired now.

My initial room was... eclectic... although, it really looked like a garage sale. It was not functional, it was unsightly and it was always a mess! I don't get much time to craft and when I did have time, I spent all of it organizing or shuffling stuff from place to place. [*That being said, I still kept some of the pieces, the ones that fit and make me happy.]

Still in the works... the glass doors for the wall cabinets. They have been on back order for months but I'm patiently waiting because this will be the icing.

The corner desk is a nice piece of 1" thick wood painted white and cut to shape then mounted to the wall with wall brackets. Below, I stored wrapping paper and a bar stool with a trash can. This is the spot my kids love the most. And I couldn't be more happier, having them sit and create (with their own supplies -- don't touch mine :)

On the wall, is baseboard painted Teal and nail gun attached to the wall in order to smooth the transition of the Chevron wall liner. The wall shelves also keep the Chevron wall liner from falling down.

The dressers are counter-height which is taller than normal but very functional. In addition, I specifically chose these dressers because the drawers at the bottom could be modified into 12x12 paper filing. I use "hardboard" (it's the mdf wood, typical on the back of entertainment units - Home Depot knows) cut to 9" tall and the depth of the drawer and hung filling folders. The hardboard just sits in the drawers separated and held up by the folders with paper. Also the middle drawers are quite sizable, so I have used fabric storage cubes inside to separate the storage items. The bright pink fabric storage cubes were purchased at Walmart, I couldn't find them online. But, I do have the Kohl's storage bins, I linked below, and those are great but tapered, so you may want to get cube ones.

Craft Desk - so many drawers and large enough to spread out the work

What's in this room:

Macbeth Shelf Liner - Amazon
Stoney Creek White Dresser (2)
Sketion [Kitchen] Corner Wall Cabinet - Ikea (1)
Sketion [Kitchen] Wall Cabinet - Ikea (4)
BESTA Glass Shelves - Ikea (4 + 1 corner pk)
Malkolm swivel chair beige - Ikea

Alex Drawer Unit (NO caster) - Ikea (4 - make Desk)
Linnmon Table top - Ikea (2 - make Desk)
Kallax shelving unit - Ikea (1)
Ribba picture ledge - Ikea (2 - in corner)
Recollection Desktop Carousel - Michaels

Fabric storage bins -  Kohl's
Kvittera Serving tier - Ikea

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