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Road Trip Infographic

Hello, Welcome.

I'm really glad to be sharing with you the photo book cover and few pages of our family vacation. One of the few books I have finished in a reasonable time after the vacation. It ended up being 31 pages, although I should get to count the cover and back of the album because we have to design those too.

So what do you think?
I'm really happy about using an infographic for a road trip, because it seems to tell our story. So much repetitive things happen that don't necessarily define the trip but are an intricate part of the journey. I haven't ever really put all the parts together before, adding up the numbers but it turns out to be interesting. (During the trip, before I knew I was going to do a infographic, we were laughing about how many burger are we were eating because the kids kept getting burgers. While driving, we were purposely taking routes that would maximize the number of states we drove through.)

>> Please don't feel like you have to plan the infographic before a trip (or whatever), you can make it work. Shh, don't tell my family, I actually don't know how many hamburgers we ate. I'm not the type to keep a journal, so I did a rough count in my head and called it good.

>> Don't stress about the accuracy of the numbers, do your best but give yourself a little creative freedom then treat as if they are accurate.

About the photo book

I think this time, I was able to actually get a photo book completed, and in a reasonable time frame, due to a few things:
  • I had a scope of work. The photos were defined and the quantity wasn't overwhelming but decent.
  • I had inspiration. After the trip, surfing Pinterest, I saw a road trip info-graphic from Studio Calico here. This motivated me.
  • BIGGEST reason: creative freedom. I had some templates to get going, but I didn't restrain myself to these. Sometimes, I feel like I have to keep it consistent (like there's some kind of scrapbook rule) but this time I just put photos on a page.

I'm not sure if you care, but the album is 8"x11" - yeah, not square (I'm breaking another scrapbook rule?!?!). I really love My Publisher and they run free book specials and often, $35 specials. My Publisher uses the 8"x11" size but their quality is just too amazing to get hung up on the size thing. Plus, I like the idea that I could print these on my own. The last photo, show how you can still use the typical Project Life design, even in a non-square format (gasp).

Thanks for visiting!

All the best, Jessica

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